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Windows Vs Apple Vs Android 4

Yes! We made another one. 

After WAA1,WAA2 and WAA3 we have decided to bring you WAA4!

Consisting of three brief reviews and then best buys.


First, let’s start with the general review of Windows Phone. ( We are focusing on Windows Phone 8)

On every Windows Phone there is Live Tiles, which is very useful as alerts and notifications pop onto your home screen; all different types of notifications unlike Apple, who just use plain numbers for notifications and a popup.

As Windows Phone comes with a load of pre-installed apps, it can be very handy at times.

One con of Windows Phone is the store. The store lacks apps in general, but that will be mended over time, we suppose. It is still a big con.


  • Live Tiles; good interface
  •  Generally fluid and fast
  • Pre- installed apps


  • Lack off apps in the store
  • Not much third party apps in the store



Well. I’m going to start by saying that Apple is just about the most user-friendly out of the three operating systems. It is used from old to young, and it is just about more easy to use then Windows Phone, which is improving.

The Apple App Store is good. There are some dodgy apps out there, but most of the apps are decent and harmless and there is a wide variety in it.

Apple Phones are sleek. They are only made by one company, but when you buy their products you are hooked. All the Apple phones are slick.

However, they may be very good looking, but they are expensive. About £450 for the latest iPhone 5C and about £5oo+ for the iPhone 5s.

Another con is no micro-sd support and not much variety in the choices.

Apple have the technology to produce the best phone ever, but they will continuously release tiny, little updates so they get more money, and their phones are barely different. That is smart, but annoying.


  • User-friendly
  • Good app store
  • Sleek and stylish


  • Expensive
  • Phones are barely different



Android is the Google operating system.

Their app store is decent, but there are much more dodgy apps then the Apple one so watch out.

They have a range of products produced by different companies, but android isn’t the most user-friendly.


  • Range of products
  • Versatile
  • Common


  • Watch out for app store
  • Not the most user-friendly



For Windows Phone look at the Nokia Lumia Range

For Apple, just choose one.😛

For Android, look at the Motorola Moto G and the Google Nexus range, as well as the Samsung Galaxy range.


About sahilthapa

A bored student that really should be studying while typing this.

2 comments on “Windows Vs Apple Vs Android 4

  1. Dorian Banister
    January 5, 2014

    1 problem, if I may, Android and Windows is a software whereas Apple isn’t, you should use the term IOS and then it would make sense. If you say apple, you might as well say Nokia instead of Windows and Samsung instead of Android.

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